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Content in Web Design

Once a visitor is a customer, it’s important to keep them coming back. The work doesn’t stop after the initial website launch, and any good web design company will help you understand the other factors for success, like engaging content. Posting fresh, relevant information on your website will ensure your site improves SEO while driving new and returning traffic.

Keep Visitors Coming Back With Engaging Content
When it comes to web marketing, content is king. Engaging content can include anything from infographics, to videos, to opinion posts.

An infographic is one of the most basic ways to present information in a visual way; hence the name, info + graphic. Infographics are statistically proven to drive views faster than other types of content and are a powerful way to get your information out in a simple, visual format. In fact, studies show that infographics are shared and liked on social networks up to three times more often than other content.

Cater to Your Specific Audience to Drive Traffic to Your Site
There are three important factors to consider when driving traffic to your site:

  • Jargon – keep your target audience in mind when creating the content for your site. Speaking the same language of your customers will keep your audience comfortable and engaged.
  • Content – your readers want interesting content, which means self-promotion should be kept at a minimum. Visitors are more likely to return to a site if the content is fun and unique. Photos, videos, and customer testimonials are a few ways to keep your business relevant.
  • Communication – sending out a newsletter is a great way to build a relationship with your visitors. Newsletters offer information on products and industry news.

Ensure That Your Content is Organized
Customized landing pages increase customer engagement and create segmentation for your website, making the entire user experience more enjoyable. For example, if you sell products, it would be a good idea to feature products based on what customers previously purchased. An easy way to feature products is to incorporate the “AddThis Targeting Audiences” overlay to your website.

If you run a marketing campaign, you should create a landing page specifically for that campaign to boost traffic. For example, Zulily runs targeted social media campaigns for themed sales with custom landing pages.

Another way to drive traffic is to organize your content in chronological order, so visitors will know that the content they’re viewing is relevant and new. You should also keep popular content up front – having a section that features “What’s Popular” will make users feel as though you have a large audience.

Your job isn’t done after your website is designed, developed, and launched. Having original content on your site that is updated frequently is one of the easiest and best tools for successful web marketing.
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