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CakePHP: COUNT data and GROUP BY date

Goal: Count Tip Offs created per day for a month to use for graph
Problem: created field name is in datetime format: Y-m-d H:i:s
Solution: format SQL Query date: DATE_FORMAT(TipOff.created, '%Y-%m-%d')

Inside the function of controller
<?php$tipOffsMonthly=$this->TipOff->find('all', array('conditions'=>array('AND'=>array('TipOff.electric_cooperatives_id'=>AuthComponent::User('electric_cooperatives_id'), 'TipOff.created BETWEEN ? AND ?'=>array($first_day, $last_day))), 'fields'=>array("COUNT('created') as per_day", 'created'), 'group'=>array("DATE_FORMAT(TipOff.created, '%Y-%m-%d')") ));?>

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CakePHP : Load Model from other Controller

In your Controller were you want to load the model.

<?php  App::import('Controller');class ReportsController extends AppController {publicfunction other_reports(){//this will load other model $this->loadModel('OtherModel');$otherModels=$this->OtherModel->find('all');$this->set('otherModels',$otherModels);}}?>