Cakeswatch is adaptation of Bootswatch for CakePHP 3.x themes


Cakeswatch is adaptation of Bootswatch for CakePHP 3.x themes.

Installation using git

cd my_app_name
git clone git:// plugins/Cakeswatch

Manual installation

Download and extract file inside my_app_name/plugins/

Load plugin and use the theme

In your config/bootstrap.php in the bottom of the file add

In your src/Controller/AppControler.php add
public function initialize()
To use the different bootswatch themes. In your plugins/Cakeswatch/src/Template/Layout/default.ctp change the css name of bootswatch theme you want to use.
echo $this->Html->css('flatly.css');

When running bake use the --theme option to specify the bake-theme you want to use.
bin/cake bake template model_name --theme Cakeswatch

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